Menopause was formerly thought to be a condition of age, and today the fact is that it is considered to be a condition of stress as well as wear and tear on the body. 

 In today’s stressful world, women are entering menopause as early as their mid to late 30’s. This is starting to impact societal challenges around having children, femininity and desirability.  

 Since it has become obvious that this is about stress, wear and tear on the body, the bigger question arises. When is menopause normal or is it normal at all? We certainly don’t have all the answers but we have observed hundreds of women in their late 50’s to mid 60s reversing menopause and resuming their full cycle activity.  

 We believe that this is a result of removing systemic stress from the body, physically, emotionally and perceptually. We have noticed that a lot of symptoms that lead up to menopause like irritability, hormone changes and night sweats, for example, are occurring for younger women after decades of constant pressure and stress from environmental and social conditions.  

 We believe in the bodies, ability to heal, and furthermore that the body was designed to maintain a useful stature throughout our entire lifetime. Fifty years ago 80 and 90 year old people moved well and functioned normally. Currently 70 and 80-year-olds are not moving well at all.  

We have seen the most effective treatment for the condition of aging is to remove the stressors by resetting the body starting with the 28 Day reset. Typically those who reported the reversal of menopause had this happen somewhere between three and six months of living this type of lifestyle.  

We recommend that women who are perimenopausal or are in menopause bath frequently with minerals like Diatomaceous Earth, Borax, Epson Salts and Essential Oils. These daily reset processes rebuild the body's ability to manage and thrive in the environment. Removing the stress hormones on a daily basis once to twice a day has been the key transition point in bringing the body back to health.  

In addition to the 28 Day reset we recommend the Lower Reset protocol and the Barefoot Sprinter Routine #2 as a daily routine with the occasional switching of the Lower reset with the Upper reset. This series movement seems to have the best effect on overall reduction of stress and increase the flow in the fascia.  

 Hydration is one of the most important aspects of bringing the body back to health and is very important as we age. We recommend that you follow the hydration protocol as part of your transition to greater health. 

Lower Reset:

Upper Reset: 

Barefoot sprinter: Barefoot Sprinter #2 

Dehydration of the Fascia:

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